[ka-Map-users] Somen questions by a new user

Simone Bizzi simone.bizzi at email.it
Sat Jan 21 12:09:39 EST 2006

Dear to all,

Before any question excuse me for my English..
I'm Simone Bizzi and I'm developing a little project of WEB_GIS for test the potentiality of this application in our work . My association is CIRF (Centro Italiano di Riqualificazione Fluviale www.cirf.org).
I have decided to use ka-map for this projsct ( and i want to congratulate to you for the ka-map front-end and for the work you are doing) . I'm at the begginning so the street is so hard.. I work on the last CVS version and I have tryed to use the map file of Lorenzo and all work good. My actual problem is : why is impossible , wheter in Lorenzo's Map file or in gmap file ( of gmap  example), to activate and to remove layer   , in my ka-map the layer are fixed and is impossible to click in the legend to remove or to activate them. There isn't this fuction for the moment ? Or have I to set something ?
In this moment i'm studing the cvs's files so you can say my what i have to do for this fuction?

Thanks a lot 
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