[ka-Map-users] Legend and keymap

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Tue Jan 24 13:59:26 EST 2006

thanks for quick comment.
The most important thing to me, until now, was to eliminate bugs.

Finally I'm happy to see we are close to the new release and we are 
talking about refining.

About layer up&down movement I'll wait for more comments in the list 
before acting.

About the movable base is so simple to change it. I can add the code 
commented to let users choose.

Ungrouped layers is an issues that I think we will face after the new 
release but is Paul that will decide on this.


Il giorno 24/gen/06, alle 19:24, Marc Pfister ha scritto:

> It's good that the legend is working in the right order, but having the
> off layers drop out of layer movement is really weird. ArcView doesn't
> do that - and I don't know any other GIs programs that follow the same
> thinking. Also, there's no visual cue that they don't work anymore. If
> the up and down arrows greyed out then it would make more sense, but
> still it's strange to me.
> Also, I don't think the base layer should be moveable. If you want a
> moveable base layer, you should just put the base layers into a group
> named "Base". This might require a check to see if there are no
> ungrouped layers in the map to then suppress the generation of the
> automatic "__base__" layer. Maybe the current code already does this,
> but I can't remember exactly how it works without checking it.
> Marc
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>> Jacob, finally I've post your work in the CVS. Now the legend is
>> "conventional".
>> your site is cool, well done!
>> I've posted the link to your application in the wiki. Hope you like it
>> otherwise edit the wiki or ask me to delete it.
>> ciao
>> Lorenzo
>> Il giorno 24/gen/06, alle 18:01,
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>>> Subject: RE: [ka-Map-users] Legend and keymap
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>>> Lorenzo,
>>> Looking great. You've done a great job. Looks like hell to debug :)
>>> Only thing I noticed is that layers that are not turned on, do not
>>> participate in moving up or down. Is that intentional? It basically
>>> does
>>> not permit the layer to move, or another layer skips over the
> 'offed'
>>> layer if it moves. Not a drama, though.
>>> About the layer order: I did something very basic (possibly
> gruesome),
>>> which seems to work:
>>> On line 157 and 170 of KaLegend.js, I flipped the FOR-loop around
> (make
>>> it loop in reverse), and then I switched the bodies of the
>>> "movelayerup"
>>> and "movelayerdown" functions. Now the legend is the correct
>>> (conventional?) way around, and all works great. You can see this
>>> change
>>> at:
>>> http://geo.maunsell.com/kamapaus/aus.html
>>> I hope this abuse of your code doesn't shock you too much :)
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