[ka-Map-users] Customizing ka-Map

David Badke dbadke at uvic.ca
Tue Jan 24 18:48:50 EST 2006

So many questions...

What parts of the ka-Map code are "safe" to modify? By "safe" I mean 
code modules that can be customized for local needs while still staying 
in step with the ka-Map developers. Obviously the interface stuff like 
index.html can and will be customized, and (I assume) config.php, but 
what about startup.js? If I add support for another tool button or put 
my own query code in myQuery, what happens if changes are made to the 
"official" startup.js? Same for other modules. I have already added code 
to config.php, which has a section at the end labeled "END OF 
CONFIGURABLE STUFF - unless you know what you are doing" followed by 
some utility functions - is that stuff going to change? Will I have to 
put my own code back into newly released code, or merge the changes, or 
what? How are people handling this?


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