[ka-Map-users] Customizing ka-Map

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Tue Jan 24 20:25:06 EST 2006

Paul et al,

I think this is a very valid question and goes to the point that I have 
made in the past about establishing a public API for do things simpler 
to the google mashups. I realize that a lot of the basic work that is 
getting done now is establishing the infrastructure that would be need 
to do an API, but I would like to see us moving in the direction of 
establishing such an API. Can you imagine the chaos we would have with 
php/mapscript if the developers did not manage that API. Likewise we 
need a stable API for ka-map that will allow us to build applications on 
top of ka-map and have clear rules for building them and stability 
between releases.

You guys are all doing a fantastic job developing and adding features to 
ka-map. It is really exciting to see how far it has come and the number 
of developers that are making contribution. Great job!

I think using the google API or something close to it would be cool, 
because that would make it easy for people to move their existing google 
application over to ka-map. Also google has lots of smart people 
thinking about these things and I'm not against borrowing existing ideas 
if they fit and it is allowable.

Anyway, something to think about,

David Badke wrote:
> So many questions...
> What parts of the ka-Map code are "safe" to modify? By "safe" I mean 
> code modules that can be customized for local needs while still staying 
> in step with the ka-Map developers. Obviously the interface stuff like 
> index.html can and will be customized, and (I assume) config.php, but 
> what about startup.js? If I add support for another tool button or put 
> my own query code in myQuery, what happens if changes are made to the 
> "official" startup.js? Same for other modules. I have already added code 
> to config.php, which has a section at the end labeled "END OF 
> CONFIGURABLE STUFF - unless you know what you are doing" followed by 
> some utility functions - is that stuff going to change? Will I have to 
> put my own code back into newly released code, or merge the changes, or 
> what? How are people handling this?
> David
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