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Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Tue Jan 24 19:39:49 EST 2006

wait a while, I've seen there's still a bug when you start to 
check/uncheck move up/down chaotically: layers start to appear not in 
the right order.
I know why but I need Andrea support to solve it. Hope to post it 


ps: thanks for the counter but I use apache logs.

Il giorno 25/gen/06, alle 01:12, Delfos, Jacob ha scritto:

> Great, thanks for making those changes. Ka-map is now really getting to
> the stage where I feel I can use it in a production site, and that is
> what it all comes down it.
> I have no problem with you posting the link. If I find our server 
> cannot
> deal with the load, I may have to take it off (I use ordinary hardware
> without SCSI or raid).
> By the way, I once implemented a "counter" for Chameleon
> (chameleon.maptools.org), and have ported it across to Ka-Map as well,
> because I find it important to monitor how many visits a website gets.
> It's a very simple solution, which requires two added lines to 
> init.php,
> and a directory with two files in it (one that writes to a DBF, one 
> that
> spits out the results from the DBF). The results page is:
> http://geo.maunsell.com/kamapaus/hitcounter/viewstats.phtml
> If you are interested in it, I can send you the code.
> Regards,
> Jacob
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>> Jacob, finally I've post your work in the CVS. Now the legend is
>> "conventional".
>> your site is cool, well done!
>> I've posted the link to your application in the wiki. Hope
>> you like it
>> otherwise edit the wiki or ask me to delete it.
>> ciao
>> Lorenzo
>> Il giorno 24/gen/06, alle 18:01,
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>>> Subject: RE: [ka-Map-users] Legend and keymap
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>>> Lorenzo,
>>> Looking great. You've done a great job. Looks like hell to debug :)
>>> Only thing I noticed is that layers that are not turned on, do not
>>> participate in moving up or down. Is that intentional? It basically
>>> does
>>> not permit the layer to move, or another layer skips over
>> the 'offed'
>>> layer if it moves. Not a drama, though.
>>> About the layer order: I did something very basic (possibly
>> gruesome),
>>> which seems to work:
>>> On line 157 and 170 of KaLegend.js, I flipped the FOR-loop
>> around (make
>>> it loop in reverse), and then I switched the bodies of the
>>> "movelayerup"
>>> and "movelayerdown" functions. Now the legend is the correct
>>> (conventional?) way around, and all works great. You can see this
>>> change
>>> at:
>>> http://geo.maunsell.com/kamapaus/aus.html
>>> I hope this abuse of your code doesn't shock you too much :)
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