[ka-Map-users] Customizing ka-Map

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Jan 26 10:07:16 EST 2006


as far as I am concerned, anything outside of kaMap.js and the other  
core files is pretty safe.  The user interface including startUp.js  
are more in the way of an example of how to use kaMap.js.

If you have changes to any of the server-side stuff that might be of  
general interest, please think about contributing it.  Or if you have  
a mechanism by which local differences can be managed more easily ...

If you have changes to the core API files, you will probably either  
have to contribute them or merge the changes manually.  I'll try to  
make the API support this kind of thing where it makes sense.

Hope this helps,


On 24-Jan-06, at 6:48 PM, David Badke wrote:

> So many questions...
> What parts of the ka-Map code are "safe" to modify? By "safe" I  
> mean code modules that can be customized for local needs while  
> still staying in step with the ka-Map developers. Obviously the  
> interface stuff like index.html can and will be customized, and (I  
> assume) config.php, but what about startup.js? If I add support for  
> another tool button or put my own query code in myQuery, what  
> happens if changes are made to the "official" startup.js? Same for  
> other modules. I have already added code to config.php, which has a  
> section at the end labeled "END OF CONFIGURABLE STUFF - unless you  
> know what you are doing" followed by some utility functions - is  
> that stuff going to change? Will I have to put my own code back  
> into newly released code, or merge the changes, or what? How are  
> people handling this?
> David
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