[ka-Map-users] kaKeymap bug fixes; IE6 right-click bug?

Jon Fatula jonf at cruzio.com
Fri Jan 27 12:57:12 EST 2006

kaKeymap under IE6 looks great:  thanks, Andrea!

Under IE6, a right-click on the map while in navigation mode throws two
both of which are related to the handling of the oncontextmenu event:

  kamap.js line 1288  KAMAP_CONTEXT_MENU is undefined
  kamap.js line 1325  e.preventDefault is null or not an object

I'm not sure what the intent is or was for the context menu, but if we want
retain it,  KA_MAP_CONTEXT_MENU can be defined by adding:
       var KAMAP_CONTEXT_MENU = gnLastEventId ++;
at or near line 44 in kaMap.js.  If that declaration is added, IE6 still
throws the
e.preventDefault error in the kaMap_oncontextmenu handler near line 1322:

kaMap_oncontextmenu = function( e )

    if (e.preventDefault) e.preventDefault();
    return false;

Commenting out the if statement prevents the error (and prevents IE from
its context menu), and doesn't change the behavior under FireFox.


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Hi Paul,
finally I have fixed kaKeymap bug. I have tested with firefox 1.5 ie 6 and
Lorenzo with safari.
All major bugs (kalegend and kakeymap are fixed). Everybody should test last
cvs version and if kaMap will not present any new bug, maybe you should cut
the new release! :-)

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