[ka-Map-users] Handling large raster data sets

Tim Schaub tim at commenspace.org
Tue Jun 6 13:17:06 EDT 2006

Hey Chris-
The 'scales' index was added to the array that defines your maps in
config.php some time ago.  Check out the config.dist.php for an example
of how a map is defined.
 $aszGMap = array (
         'title' => 'GMap 75',
         'path' => '../../gmap/htdocs/gmap75.map',
         'scales' => array( 40000000, 25000000, 12000000, 7500000,
3000000, 1000000 ),
         'format' =>'PNG'
In the above example, the 'scales' index is an array of the available
map scales.  If your config.php does not define the map arrays in this
way, then precache2.php won't work (nor tile.php etc).
If your config.php has the correct map array definition, let me know -
there could be another problem.


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	Has anyone discovered what the root of this error is? I have a
similar problem when running precache2 and this is one tool that I
seriously want to get working as the performance hit for users every a
dataset is updated and the cache cleared is huge. I get the error:


	PHP Notice:  Undefined index:  scales in
/var/www-alpha/laos/htdocs/precache2.php on line 122
	PHP Warning:  Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
/var/www-alpha/laos/htdocs/precache2.php on line 123
	PHP Notice:  Undefined index:  path in
/var/www-alpha/laos/htdocs/precache2.php on line 88


	Looking into phpcache2.php I get the feeling this is a mapfile
issue rather than a ka-map mod issue. Here is my usual mapfile setup at
its most basic level; can anyone see anything missing here that could be
causing the problem? I am only using shape files and geotif's.




	SIZE 730 620 #size for print view only

	EXTENT         404283 1852082 673099 2034115 


	IMAGECOLOR 255 255 255

	FONTSET ../htdocs/etc/fonts.txt



	  MINSCALE 25000

	  MAXSCALE 3000000


	  IMAGEPATH "../htdocs/tmp/" #image path used for print view



	Any thoughts guys?





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