[ka-Map-users] print system

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Fri Jun 16 08:28:26 EDT 2006

Implementation of a printing system.

Actually you can choose between GIF, JPG, PNG.
PDF output with FPDF lib (no PDF server support needed) not yet  
GeoTiff output not yet implemented.

Print output is related to viewport but image extent correspondance  
in not yet perfect (comments are welcome).

It's acting as a normal mapserver application without using ka-map  
it would be nice to implement a system that use precached tiles.

Image width is customizable inside the application.
Edit myPrint function inside startUp.js , img_width variable. Default  
600 (px).
I've put a $max_width value inside print_map.php to avoid server  
hackings (default: 1000 px).
Height is calculated from viewport proportion.

demo here:

everything in the CVS


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