[ka-Map-users] ka-Map and OpenLayers

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Wed Jun 21 05:38:00 EDT 2006

Wow, I've lost quite a long discussion.

Paul, I normally trust in your decisions and I think to go on in this  

I have some doubts on this transition but I'm sure we can discuss them.

1) we are close to version 0.3 with actual CVS code.
2) version 0.3 should be debugged (= time) to be presented soon. I,  
maybe not the only one, would love to present version 0.3 to  
foss4g2006 in Lausanne. I think it's an important event.
3) There's a lots of code we (you, me, Andrea, Pg, Tim, Zak, Daniel,  
ecc.) wrote this year that should probably be adapted to the new API  
(= time). Actually I'm trying to publish all the code you know (= time).
4) I think one day ka-map should arrive at version 1.0 with a stable  
API. All features we talked about should be inside.

1) Will the new API affect other tools of ka-map (from legend to query?)
2) What about Ben Nolan purpose?
3) why http://www.openlayers.org/ maps are not working? (11:26 AM GMT  
+1) I see the iframe, zoom buttons but tiles are broken.

This idea is exciting but I would like to slow the process.
What about a fork?
you can start to use the CVS in a parallel way to let us test new  
structure and maintain actual code stability.


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