[ka-Map-users] ka-Map and OpenLayers

John R. Frank john.frank at metacarta.com
Wed Jun 21 11:58:23 EDT 2006

Hi Paul, Steve, and kaMap users,

We are excited about working with you.  As you mention, the impetus behind
OpenLayers is different from ka-Map's.  I believe the two projects are
complimentary.  This "business case" explains OpenLayers' mission:


MetaCarta likes OpenLayers because it allows us to build AJAX mapping GUIs
without being tied to any particular map serving system.  While we have
been using MapServer since 2000, many of our customers have their own

On the public Web, there are dozens of map image providers.  Many of these
choices are not accessible in enterprises or not acceptable for certain
applications.  OpenLayers allows the _user_ to switch to other "back drop"
layers without changing any code.

> John and I agreed that the projects should merge.  He/OpenLayers are
> willing to start from ka-Map and integrate the OpenLayers stuff if
> necessary.  I just feel that it would be easier to move the ka-Map code
> into OpenLayers rather than the other way around.

To facilitate this, we are building an OpenLayers.Layer.KaMap class.
This will make it easy for you to use the OpenLayers API to access maps
from your ka-Map server-side system.  We would appreciate your adding
comments to this ticket:


The server/client divide gives us a natural line between these two
efforts.  Let's make them joint efforts!

Schuyler and Chris can show you more about the OpenLayers API.  Please
tell us more of your thoughts and concerns.



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