[ka-Map-users] ka-Map and OpenLayers

Schuyler Erle sderle at metacarta.com
Wed Jun 21 12:33:40 EDT 2006

* On 21-Jun-2006 at 12:19PM EDT, Aaron Koning said:
> Let me ask a silly question. As Tim has described the 2 components
> below, how similar would number 1 (Merge ka-Map client side
> functionality with OpenLayers) be when compared to Community
> Mapbuilder? is there potential for a three way merge and/or
> concentration on the most robust client side mapper of the three?
> Just trying to make life more complicated... or simpler...

The big difference between Mapbuilder and OpenLayers is that
Mapbuilder is very XML-centric... all of their configuration is done
on the server-side, using XML and XSLT. By contrast, OpenLayers
implements a pure server-agnostic JavaScript API more akin to Google

We have discussed this some with the Mapbuilder community, but not
come to any definitive conclusions. Again, by contrast, when the
existing ka-Map JavaScript code base is compared side by side with
OpenLayers, the similarities are really startling. So a merger of the
JavaScript components of OpenLayers and ka-Map feels to me like a very
natural step, whereas merging code bases with Mapbuilder would (I
fear) require a lot of changes to how things are done on one side or
the other.

That said, a three-way merge would be totally fine by us, so long as
the concept of a pure JavaScript library API is retained in the final
outcome. :)


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