[ka-Map-users] OpenLayers.Layer.KaMap

Christopher Schmidt crschmidt at crschmidt.net
Thu Jun 22 06:24:50 EDT 2006

Yesterday I committed a change to OpenLayers to implement
OpenLayers.Layer.KaMap, a way of adding ka-Map layers to an OpenLayers

There is an example of this functionality available at:

I thought that this was great progress, but since then, I've been
hitting a wall, and I just realized why: All of ka-Map's math is done
using tiles centered around the origin, while OpenLayers takes the
WorldWind approach of using the lower-left hand corner as a tile origin. 

When the world is evenly divisible by the size of your tiles -- as is
the case with the h2guide data, where
this.tileWidth=256; and this.tileHeight=256; -- this is okay, because
0,0 ends up being a tile corner. However, when I look at most of the
other layers out there, they use tile boundaries of either 300 or 200 --
neither of which will work with OpenLayers as it stands at this point in

I'm going to be working on fixing this issue, so that OpenLayers can
display any ka-Map data that is about inside of OpenLayers. However,
until that point in time, if you wanted to play around with OpenLayers,
you could modify your tileWidth and tileHeight to be 256 by 256, and
drop me a URL, so I can make sure it works ;) 

See you all on IRC in about 2.5 hours...

Christopher Schmidt
Web Developer

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