[ka-Map-users] Ka-Map and OpenLayers

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Jun 22 12:58:00 EDT 2006

Thanks Justin,

I'm starting to formulate a desired approach in my head as I go over  
all the great feedback that folks have been providing.

I think it is critical to move quickly in some areas and slowly in  
others.  There are folks out there with a significant investment in  
ka-Map (myself included) and we can't abandon our work quickly.  On  
the other hand, we can start to move parts of ka-Map into the  
OpenLayers architecture and learn how to use it.

I see the migration happening in several parts, more-or-less as you  
have laid it out in fact:

1) ka-Map's tile cache (which is now actually done by Chris)

2) ka-Map's core api differences (improvements to the tiling engine)

3) ka-Map's API (tools, overlay etc)

4) ka-Map's UI components

1) and 2) can be done with no real impact on either community  

3) and 4) are trickier since OpenLayers already has some of this and  
we'll have to make decisions on what to move over.

I'm keen to generate more momentum for ka-Map and OpenLayers as a  
joint project, but the reality is that it will take some time to get  



On 20-Jun-06, at 7:04 PM, Justin George wrote:

> With regard to the OpenLayers discussion:
>> From my point of view, I really see kamap as existing in at least
> three seperate parts (as it stands right now)
> 1) Server tile generating/caching
> 2) Map tile rendering (and panning/zooming/querying/ other map  
> specific stuff)
> 3) Overlays, for this I'm using Pg's work
> To replace any one of these with a different API would be acceptable,
> but I think it would be pretty crazy to drop all three at once into a
> new system.
> If OpenLayers has a better method for map rendering, let's use it, but
> really, that's not where I see the major challenges with Ka-Map.
> For my purposes, the 'hard' stuff is the client-side overlays (and to
> a lesser extent interface), and generating the tile caches to begin
> with. Those are the areas that seem most important to me. The maps
> themselves work well enough not to bother me.
> Just my proverbial 2 cents
> J
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