[ka-Map-users] Ka-Map and OpenLayers

Justin George justin.george at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 19:04:40 EDT 2006

With regard to the OpenLayers discussion:

>From my point of view, I really see kamap as existing in at least
three seperate parts (as it stands right now)

1) Server tile generating/caching

2) Map tile rendering (and panning/zooming/querying/ other map specific stuff)

3) Overlays, for this I'm using Pg's work

To replace any one of these with a different API would be acceptable,
but I think it would be pretty crazy to drop all three at once into a
new system.

If OpenLayers has a better method for map rendering, let's use it, but
really, that's not where I see the major challenges with Ka-Map.

For my purposes, the 'hard' stuff is the client-side overlays (and to
a lesser extent interface), and generating the tile caches to begin
with. Those are the areas that seem most important to me. The maps
themselves work well enough not to bother me.

Just my proverbial 2 cents


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