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Jason Suwala jsuwala at hatfieldgroup.com
Fri Jun 23 13:35:50 EDT 2006

Hi All:

I like the look of this new icon set, but unfortunately I don't think they
solve one of the problems with how ka-maps tools are presented. That problem
is that when I load up a ka-maps page, I have no idea what the tools do.
Seeing a graphical "i", or hand, or printer means nothing to me when I first
scan the page.

The solution that I would like to see is for all of the icons to have a
visible-all-the-time textual label. Having a mouse-over tooltip is not quite
good enough (it gets away from the usability principal of visibility). Plus,
it must be consistent across all tools (when I load up
http://www.ominiverdi.org/ka-map/ka-map/htdocs/, I see the "zoom to full
extents" icon as having the "link to this view" title which is completely

My 2 cents.


- Jason

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So ka-map has his new icon set in the CVS.


we all have to thank Alexandra Herzog

now in CVS:

1) Aleks icon set

2) old icon set
I've moved all icons to this directory


On 23/giu/06, at 12:16, Aleks Herzog wrote:

> hello, here the query icons...
> regards, aleks
> <tool_query_1.png>
> <tool_query_2.png>
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