[ka-Map-users] kacache directory not populated

ramesh karra karrarm at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 23 20:37:56 EDT 2006

Thanks for the reply Tim.

All the data files are lower cased both in windows and
in linux environment. 
On further investigation I found that, In some cases,
some PNG files in the kacache are getting created for
the zoom levels but the map is not getting displayed.
In some cases some tiles are also getting displayed

Is possible that this is timing related issue? Is
there a timeout for the requests made? Is it possible
that the system is not responding in a given time
frame resulting in this behavior? 

I will try to debug with tile.php, and let you know if
I find anything.


--- Tim Schaub <tim at commenspace.org> wrote:

> > I am seeing somewhat strange behavior. I have
> moved my
> > Mapserver+kaMap from current Windows environment
> to
> > Linux environment. For some reason, the map does
> not get 
> > displayed in some zoom levels. I have looked at
> the kacache 
> > directory and found that some directories are not
> populated. 
> This is a longshot, but do you have different data
> source for the scales
> that are missing?  Since Windows is sloppy about
> case
> (uppercase/lowercase) and Linux isn't, it might be
> that you have DATA
> specified in your mapfile with different case than
> the files are named
> on disk.  If this were the case, on windows all
> scales would be drawn
> and on Linux they wouldn't.
> Making a request directly to tile.php (with the
> right query string)
> would help troubleshoot.
> Tim
> > Any ideas on why this is happening?
> > 
> > Thanks
> > Ramesh
> > 
> > 

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