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Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Sat Jun 24 11:39:03 EDT 2006


perhaps you are right and we could just discuss this on the mailing  
list, but I find it takes a lot longer to resolve minor issues by  
email than on IRC.  I was hoping an hour on IRC would get us further  
ahead than several days of emails.

I think the t-shirts and mugs may become collectors items :)  Who  
knows, maybe we are making some people very rich by keeping this  
stuff scarce!

I do need to have a look at your code (even though I do trust you :))  
and try it out.

I am also very keen to fix how the caching is done, right now it is  
causing me some pain!  I'm gonna work on that first.



On 23-Jun-06, at 9:00 AM, Lorenzo Becchi wrote:

>> Lorenzo,
> Hi Paul,
>> I think this is a very good idea.
> ok
>> The fact that the API is not so user friendly is what the whole  
>> OpenLayers thing is about.  Unless something drastic happens, I  
>> feel that the move to OpenLayers is something that people are not  
>> opposed to (just cautious) so it seems unlikely that I will do  
>> anything significant to the API.  I was originally planning to  
>> refactor the API as part of a 1.0 release.
> That was my idea too. But it seems that we can plan to finish  
> actual API history with a ka-map version 1.0 just to publish all  
> effort we did in the last year.
> Than I'm more and more convinced that version 2 should be the  
> integration with OpenLayer and why not with other communities.
> Maybe we'll have to change the name if we try to enter osgeo  
> incubation so it would be nice to leave "all ka-map fans" with at  
> least a version 1.0
> think to person who bought t-shirts and mugs (at cafepress are  
> already cutting prices for the unclear future of ka-map!)
>  ;-)
> If you don't know what to do this week, there's documentation to be  
> done... or maybe you want to put your hands on the spaghetti code  
> we've posted lately.
>> The developers need to make some decisions about what will make it  
>> into the 1.0 release.  Should we try to schedule an IRC meeting on  
>> #kamap to discuss?  I personally found the group discussion  
>> yesterday very useful.
> Monday I can't. Tuesday? same hour?
> (1300 GMT aka 0900 EDT aka 1500 CET)
> Anyway we're not so many and we can reach the same result using the  
> list (I'm not sure...).
>> Cheers
>> Paul
> Lorenzo

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