[ka-Map-users] releases

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Fri Jun 23 09:00:19 EDT 2006

> Lorenzo,
Hi Paul,

> I think this is a very good idea.


> The fact that the API is not so user friendly is what the whole  
> OpenLayers thing is about.  Unless something drastic happens, I  
> feel that the move to OpenLayers is something that people are not  
> opposed to (just cautious) so it seems unlikely that I will do  
> anything significant to the API.  I was originally planning to  
> refactor the API as part of a 1.0 release.

That was my idea too. But it seems that we can plan to finish actual  
API history with a ka-map version 1.0 just to publish all effort we  
did in the last year.
Than I'm more and more convinced that version 2 should be the  
integration with OpenLayer and why not with other communities.
Maybe we'll have to change the name if we try to enter osgeo  
incubation so it would be nice to leave "all ka-map fans" with at  
least a version 1.0
think to person who bought t-shirts and mugs (at cafepress are  
already cutting prices for the unclear future of ka-map!)

If you don't know what to do this week, there's documentation to be  
done... or maybe you want to put your hands on the spaghetti code  
we've posted lately.

> The developers need to make some decisions about what will make it  
> into the 1.0 release.  Should we try to schedule an IRC meeting on  
> #kamap to discuss?  I personally found the group discussion  
> yesterday very useful.

Monday I can't. Tuesday? same hour?
(1300 GMT aka 0900 EDT aka 1500 CET)

Anyway we're not so many and we can reach the same result using the  
list (I'm not sure...).

> Cheers
> Paul


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