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Brent Pedersen bpederse at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 17:29:09 EST 2006

hi, i'll chime in on this because its the type of stuff i deal with
exclusively when dealing with ka-map. re your 1 and 2
1) as you said, see recent threads. also i just found this lib today:
it would be nice to see a generic setup encompassing the addObjectGeo with
the getMetaExtents and the proposed META_EXTENTS_CHANGED kamap event with a
lite tooltip library!
if it doesn't "magically" appear soon, i'll give it a go.

2) look in the archives for an implementation of kaTool.js that allows you
to do a single point query without switching otu of navigation mode.
non-point queries would still require a switch to the query mode. in the
relevant thread, there was some talk of supporting shift or alt clicks to
allow rectangular queries.

so i guess if you can implement a shift+click or alt+click to switch
indicate a block query rather than a pan, that would be the best bet. i have
no idea how to do that off hand.

On 3/6/06, Jason Suwala < jsuwala at hatfieldgroup.com> wrote:
> Hi All ka-Mapers:
> I am currently trying to brain-storm various user interaction methods for
> selecting features on a web-based map. With all this discussion about
> putting markers on a map, I thought I would ask the list if they had any
> further thoughts on this.
> >From what I've seen so far, there are 2 main methods for selecting
> features
> on a web-based map:
> 1) putting a discreet "balloon" above the point (like Google Maps)
> 2) choosing a "feature select tool" from a tool palette which shows a
> rubber-band encompassing the region to query for features.
> >From a user interaction viewpoint, method 1 is simpler because the
> actions
> are discreet - mouse click to query, mouse drag to pan. For method 2,
> selecting a tool is necessary because the mouse drag action is used for
> both
> querying and panning. So I would state that the first method is more
> usable
> by non-technical users, however, it is constrained by only allowing
> individual discreet points to be queried. The second method is harder to
> use, but can query any range of features.
> So my question is: do you know of any other user interactions that are
> easy
> for non-technical users to use, and can query any range of features?
> Cheers,
> - Jason
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