[ka-Map-users] Memory leaks in kaXmlOverlay?

Justin George justin.george at gmail.com
Thu May 4 12:23:59 EDT 2006

Hi there, I'm a relatively new user of ka-map. The XML overlay is
working beautifully, I'm refreshing the overlay on extent change to
display the polygon of interest at the center of the map, eg,
counties, cities, etc.

My problem is that kaXmlOverlay's removePoint method seems to remove
the point from visibility, but not delete it entirely. I may be
mistaken, however, it appears to run more and more slowly as time goes
by in a session. I believe what I'm seeing in Venkman debugger

Anyone have confirmation or ideas for a fix for this?

Code: (in startup.js)

in myOnLoad():
myKaOverlay = new kaXmlOverlay(myKaMap, 5000);

in updateLinkToView():
myKaOverlay.loadXml('polygon.php?long=' + cx +'&lat=' + cy);


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