[ka-Map-users] recent changes in cvs

Kralidis,Tom [Burlington] Tom.Kralidis at ec.gc.ca
Tue May 9 14:47:37 EDT 2006

Hi Paul,

Does this affect the MapServer codebase in any way?  i.e. were any code
changes made in MapServer CVS for 'version' and 'redraw_interval'?  Or
are these simple metadata constructs that ka-map knows what to do with?



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> All,
> I though I would just let everyone know that I have committed 
> changes  
> in cvs to add versioning support in a couple of ways.
> First, you can now add a 'version' metadata in the web object 
> of your  
> map file.  This version, if present, is included in tile requests.   
> The version used to create any tile is stored with the tiles.  When  
> the version in the mapfile changes, the tiles are automatically re- 
> requested by the client (because the url changes) and are 
> regenerated  
> in the cache on the server without needing to delete the cache.
> Second, you can now specify a "redraw_interval" metadata in the  
> metadata of a layer.  The redraw_interval is the number of seconds  
> that the data for a particular layer/group should be considered  
> valid.  When tiles are requested, if the current time is newer than  
> the creation time plus this interval, the tiles are 
> recreated.  There  
> is a new function in the kaMap _layer API to trigger redrawing in  
> this way.
> Third, you can now specify a "refresh_interval" metadata in the  
> metadata of a layer.  This is used to get kaMap to automatically  
> redraw a layer after the number of seconds in this field pass.  This  
> is intended to be used with layers that have a tile_source of redraw  
> (and a redraw_interval) or nocache.
> Note this won't work with precache2.php yet.  I'll follow up 
> with Tim  
> to get that updated.
> Cheers
> Paul
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