[ka-Map-users] Memory leaks in kaXmlOverlay?

Øyvind Hanssen oyvind at cs.uit.no
Wed May 10 06:12:49 EDT 2006

Sorry, it took my long to respond.

I use the latest Firefox (Debian Linux). There are about 10-12 
points. Some of them moving, changing text or icon, or being removed 
because the information has expired. For each point there is one icon 
(png graphics) and one label.

It looks nice, but  but sometimes when leaving it for the night and I
look at it next morning (after 8-10 hours), it seems to have stopped 
updating. A click on the refresh button makes it run ok again. A more 
visible problem is that with certain map scales, when changing a point 
(I use the redraw attribute in XML), the first point is not removed 
from the screen. If there is another change, the second version is 
removed but the first one is stuck. Furthermore, If I then change to 
other map scales (or map sets) the point is still rendered twice. 
According to the DOM inspector, the first point doesn't exist. 

I suspect the browser, but I see exactly the same behaviour with

On Saturday 06 May 2006 10:06, Pg wrote:
> Could I ask
>   - what browser?
>   - how many point in  kaXmlOverlay?
>   - which kind of graphics (symbols, icons, lines, polygons, labels)?
> Thanks

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