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Ed McNierney ed at topozone.com
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Bart -

I'm not aware that a 2048x2048 pixel limit is "normal" for WMS servers.
That's the default limit for MapServer but it is very easily changed.
I've done that for several years and produce very large images from
single MapServer WMS requests.

	- Ed

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Hi list,

can the ka-map tiling logic be used to create a WMS print service?

Imagine our use case, people wanting to print on A0 paper from ArcGIS,
and ArcGIS has a WMS layer for aerial photographs in it. Ofcourse normal
WMS services limit themselves to 2048x2048 pixels like Mapserver does.
But ArcGIS requests an image of about 15000 pixels wide.

If a tiling php script could act as WMS service, and would ask for
2048x2048 tiles to the aerial photograph WMS, and stream that back to
the client (ArcGIS), it could be a solution. Could ka-map be used for
Would it be a lot of work?

Also, is it possible to stream back the whole 15000x15000 pixels image
without taking the whole thing in memory? I.e. could the script read up
the tiles from disk and stream them sequentially into 1 image?

Thanks in advance for some thoughts on this.

Best regards,

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