[ka-Map-users] problem in map with no layers initially visible

Joe Franklin traderboy at yahoo.com
Thu May 18 09:06:43 EDT 2006

in the cvs version, if I have a map with no base
layers and no layers initially visible, the map isn't
set to the correct extent I specify in my map file.
Note: my .map extent is NOT the full extent of my
scales in the config.php, ie. the map starts out
zoomed in (so the user can zoom out from the inital

So when I turn on a layer, it displays at the full
extent of my scales.  If I then click the "go to
initial extent" button, it displays it at the correct

Is this a bug or do we have to have a visible layer in
our map when it starts up?

I couldn't find anything in the archives.  This was
the closest I could find:


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