[ka-Map-users] Layers - legend problem

Mike D'Ambrogia miked at jamagination.com
Tue May 23 20:27:49 EDT 2006

>Technically, if layers belong to the same group, Ka-Map will draw them
in one legend-layer.

Ok, that makes better sense.  I may have actually seen that in action
but was not aware of what I was looking at.

> Is there any chance you are not seeing that because the images you are
looking at are cached on the server or the client side? 

I empty the kacache along with stop/start of apache server each time,
browser set to not cache

> Although I believe Paul has introduced versioning of layers, but you
would have to specifically make use of that (it's not automatic).

I can't find any reference to versioning of layers - have a point in the
right direction for me?

Thanks for the reply/info/help


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