[ka-Map-users] Layers - legend problem

Delfos, Jacob Jacob.Delfos at maunsell.com
Tue May 23 19:26:01 EDT 2006


Technically, if layers belong to the same group, Ka-Map will draw them
in one legend-layer. So they are rendered in the same image. Is there
any chance you are not seeing that because the images you are looking at
are cached on the server or the client side? If you make changes to
things like this, you will have to delete the tile images in your temp
folder where Ka-Map stores the images (on the server). You will probably
also have to delete the browser cache. 

Although I believe Paul has introduced versioning of layers, but you
would have to specifically make use of that (it's not automatic).

Hope that fixes it,


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> Of course being on digest mode I never caught the earlier msg right
> before mine about using the GROUP attib...
> But now I'm left wondering why an attibute called GROUP really doesn't
> provide any grouping functionality.  I'd think that if I created a
> *group* called 'Vegitation' and added that group attribute to both a
> 'plants' layer and a 'trees' layer that I'd end up with 2 
> layers housed
> within the Vegitation group on the legend.  Then if I clicked the
> Vegitation pseudo layer off it would in turn shut off both the plants
> and trees layer.
> Has this topic been beaten to death already?
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> All
> Got ms4w version 0.2 up and going pretty quickly last night, my map
> renders nicely - but I can't seem to figure out how to get the lengend
> area to show checkboxes for my layers, I get the "legend" with the
> nested "base" and the + and - but none of the names of my layers are
> visible in there.
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