[ka-Map-users] ka-map application layout

Scott Knutti sknutti at sanz.com
Tue May 30 17:24:24 EDT 2006

Hello all!

Looking for advice on an application layout...  We are trying to 
integrate ka-map into a Java/JSF application.  We have a seperate server 
that is running MapServer and holds all of the data.  The application 
runs on another box.  We have tried putting an iframe that resides on 
the MapServer machine in the app on the other box and ran into the 
UniversalBrowseRead problem.  So we have move the ka-map client onto the 
application server.  Now that it is not on the MapServer box, can I 
simply modify the config.php file to point to the mapfile on the 
MapServer box?  What is the best way to layout an application like this? 


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