[ka-Map-users] Re: ka-Map-users Digest, Vol 13, Issue 43

Justin George justin.george at gmail.com
Wed May 31 12:41:48 EDT 2006

I've gone about this differently than other responses I've seen (I'm
on digests, so there may have been more, but c'est la vie)

In my setup there are two servers, one holding the application (can be
iframed into other pages, or whatever you like) and the other having a
non-public version of the application.

I'm running precache2.php in order to pregenerate all the tiles, and
they are held in a web accessible directory on a host.

In the map file on the application server, I set the metadata in the
layer groups to cached
and set up the URL to the cache in the config.php

In this way you can have the application served from a responsive app
server, and the precaching and other 'heavy lifting' done on another
box entirely (or multiple boxes, whatever you like)

Of course, this is for a relatively small datastore, no more than
10gb, expanding out to approx 100gb cached images, so if you're
working with larger datastores, then you may run into problems. The
idea is still valid, however, as you should (with a little work) be
able to point the application to a tile.php on a different server.

Hope that helps (and isn't too bad a hack of poor Ka-Map!)

> Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 15:24:24 -0600
> From: Scott Knutti <sknutti at sanz.com>
> Subject: [ka-Map-users] ka-map application layout
> Cc: ka-map-users at lists.maptools.org
> Message-ID: <447CB808.1090600 at sanz.com>
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> Hello all!
> Looking for advice on an application layout...  We are trying to
> integrate ka-map into a Java/JSF application.  We have a seperate server
> that is running MapServer and holds all of the data.  The application
> runs on another box.  We have tried putting an iframe that resides on
> the MapServer machine in the app on the other box and ran into the
> UniversalBrowseRead problem.  So we have move the ka-map client onto the
> application server.  Now that it is not on the MapServer box, can I
> simply modify the config.php file to point to the mapfile on the
> MapServer box?  What is the best way to layout an application like this?
> Thanks,
> Scott

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