[ka-Map-users] openlayers on Mac Safari

Schuyler Erle sderle at metacarta.com
Sat Oct 7 12:04:04 EDT 2006

* On  6-Oct-2006 at 12:12PM EDT, percy said:
> thanks, the Project Chief tried it on his Mac and loved it! I'll try to 
> figure out why it didn't work on my laptop...
> I posted it here because I thought we were merging the two projects.
> Is that an incendiary comment?
> ;-)

The conclusion of the discussion at FOSS4G in Lausanne was that we're
going to move forward with smaller initial steps, by distributing a
basic core of client-side map display features from OpenLayers for use
in other projects. My hope is that ka-Map will be able to start by
incorporating this core into the ka-Map UI, and that we'll see where
things go from there.

Erik and Chris and I have made significant progress on that goal this
week, and we plan to open more general public discussion on the subject
next week, once we have something more to show. Please stay tuned...


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