[ka-Map-users] openlayers on Mac Safari

percy percyd at pdx.edu
Fri Oct 6 11:53:27 EDT 2006

thanks, the Project Chief tried it on his Mac and loved it! I'll try to 
figure out why it didn't work on my laptop...

I posted it here because I thought we were merging the two projects.

Is that an incendiary comment?

Christopher Schmidt wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 05, 2006 at 09:39:25PM -0700, Percy wrote:
>> Have there been reports of the dbl-click functionality not working in Safari on
>> the Mac? Specifically nothing happens in resonse to a dbl-click...
>> I'm making progress on converting our kamap based map search interface at
>> http://ngmdb.usgs.gov/ngm_compsearch_map.html
>> to openlayers, as seen here
>> http://geospatial.research.pdx.edu/~bjpd/OpenLayers-2.1/examples/ngmdb.html
>> But, of course, the boss on the project is a Mac user and will no doubt complain
>> that the dbl-click doesn't work in Safari, even tho it works fine in Firefox...
> The example you linked above works with double-click on Safari here.
> What version of Safari are you running? Is there an error message? 
> Note that OpenLayers bugs like this one should probably be brought to
> the OpenLayers list rather than the ka-Map list, since most of the
> people here can't do anything about bugs in OpenLayers.

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