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Pedrazzi Gelsomini pedrazzi.gelsomini at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 13:45:12 EDT 2006

Hi everyone,

I would like built a web application with a navigable map of the planet,
wherein user can zoom and pan, etc.
I don't know the technologies that allow me to do it.
I'm reading about different GIS, such as Google Map, MapServer.
The ka-map project seems very interesting, but i have some confusion about
what I must do and how I can use it.
Can you explain me how different parts (ka-map, Map server, PostgreSQL,
PostGIS, OpenFTS) work together? There is some diagrams that show how
different components cooperate?
What do you suggest me for developing my application?

I'm sorry but I'm not skilled in this field.
Thank you very much.
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