[ka-Map-users] Rewrite WMS Connection String

Jeffrey Johnson ortelius at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 15:45:54 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I have a KaMap app which is retrieving meteorological data from a NASA
WMS server (among other things).


The WMS server accepts a parameter dim_mbar=## which allows the
pressure level (height) to be specified. In order to set this
parameter in the mapfile, I add this parameter to the end of the
connection string like this


I have added a select list to the toolbar in the kamap app. So ... my
question is what is the best/easiest way to change this parameter when
the user changes the select list and then reload the map display to
grab the new data for the specified pressure level. I suppose
something will need to be done about the cached tiles as well.

Thanks in advance,


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