[ka-Map-users] mouse quest

Zeppe taroza at gmail.com
Sun Oct 29 21:46:52 EST 2006

Hi everyone,
I don't know how about you, but I really don't like the mouse behaviour 
in ka-map. At least the way it is implemented in kaNavigator.

First I can't set the cursor in FireFox. When it is cursor:move in 
stylesheet it activates only when I am on the border of the map viewport.

Second and the most annoying thing is when mousepressed and you drag it 
outside the map viewport, then try to comeback with mouseup kaNavigator 
treats it as the mouse is pressed and drags it further with jumping efekts.

Third kaNavigator has such implementation for mouseout:
kaNavigator.prototype.onmouseout = function(e) {
     e = (e)?e:((event)?event:null);
     if (!e.target) e.target = e.srcElement;
     if (e.target.id == this.kaMap.domObj.id) {
     	this.bMouseDown = false;
         return kaTool.prototype.onmouseout.apply(this, [e]);
However the code never gets through the second "if". Namely e.target.id 
is never equal this.kaMap.domObj.id. I tried to window.alert the value, 
and surprisingly I get that e.target.id are the ids of tiled images, 
i.e. i0, i1 ... Moreover, disabling mouseout event for kaMap does not 
help at all, behaviour is practically the same as with the mouseout.

Well, I've been struggling with these three problems for the whole day 
but in vain. Basically, what I wanted to do is to make mouse behave like 
in GoogleMaps: you drag the map until mouseup.
Is there anyone who has a clue about solutions for these problems? I've 
looked up many examples in ka-map wiki, but no one has approached these 

Thanks in advance, guys


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