[ka-Map-users] kamap background tiles

percy percyd at pdx.edu
Tue Oct 31 12:32:39 EST 2006

Hi, we have a site we're working on to search for geologic maps 
based on the extent that the user has zoomed to.

I have a kamap tiled backend from which I am only pulling the group 
__base__. Unfortunately, this means that the background color doesn't 
get drawn, and since we were relying on the background color to be blue 
to show water, all water bodies are now transparent ;-)

I could obviously come up with several hacks around this (including one 
large -180 -90 180 90 polygon in a shapefile colored blue), but I'd 
rather spend my time understanding the kamap tiling mechanism.

Thanks for any light you may be able to shed upon this,

PS sorry for the cross-posting, but in this case it seemed proper.

David Percy
Geospatial Data Manager
Geology Department
Portland State University

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