[ka-Map-users] website with kamap

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Tue Oct 31 13:24:15 EST 2006

Guilherme Pedrosa wrote:
> Hi friends, i sent an email about a month but until now i have no 
> answer. I know your time is precious but i really want to know if ka-map 
> will be the best tool to develop the next version of my website. If you 
> have , 2 or 3 minutes, please visit 
> http://ipanema.mapilot.com/template/index.php?lan=en and tell me if 
> ka-map is the best choice for me.

It is hard to say what might be the best choice, because we do not know 
what would be better or worse for you. If your question is can you build 
a site like the one referenced using ka-map, the answer is probably yes.

Are you using mapserver for your current site?
What ideas do you like about ka-map?
Is there something that your current site can not do or has a problem 
with, that you think ka-map will solve?

I think we need more information.

-Steve W.

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