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Guilherme Pedrosa guilherme_pl at yahoo.com.br
Tue Oct 31 14:43:14 EST 2006

Hi friends,

well, i use mapserver with postgresql/postgis, i wrote some
javascript codes to do some navigation for users. We want to make a
tourist guide with a high quality satellite image.

what we need:
- an application thats run faster
- simple navigation for users
- we need to put a very large kind of layer points, like, restaurants, hotels, tourist spots etc...
- we need some layers too, like national parks.
- we want to build in the future a 'search for a place' and go the point in the map.

thanks a lot Steve W. i like kamap very much but i am studing and i am new in kamap.

the website: http://ipanema.mapilot.com/template/index.php?lan=en   
Guilherme Pedrosa
(21) 8261-0270 | 24274319
guilherme.pedrosa at superig.com.br


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