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the short answer is that ka-Map can be used to build this type of  

The core of ka-Map is kaMap.js and kaTool.js ... you can use these to  
build any kind of application.  There are other tools too, ones that  
provide additional capability.  The page you see when you install ka- 
Map is a fully functional application built on these core API  
components, but you can easily replace this with your own interface.



On 31-Oct-06, at 2:43 PM, Guilherme Pedrosa wrote:

> Hi friends,
> well, i use mapserver with postgresql/postgis, i wrote some  
> javascript codes to do some navigation for users. We want to make a  
> tourist guide with a high quality satellite image.
> what we need:
> - an application thats run faster
> - simple navigation for users
> - we need to put a very large kind of layer points, like,  
> restaurants, hotels, tourist spots etc...
> - we need some layers too, like national parks.
> - we want to build in the future a 'search for a place' and go the  
> point in the map.
> thanks a lot Steve W. i like kamap very much but i am studing and i  
> am new in kamap.
> the website: http://ipanema.mapilot.com/template/index.php?lan=en
> []s
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