[ka-Map-users] why are my points slightly off when drawing on the map?

Donal Regan donal_regan10 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Sep 1 05:45:24 EDT 2006


I'm trying to draw small polygons and lines using wz_graphics but the positioning of my shapes is off by a couple of pixels in both Firefox and IE.

I create a drawing canvas using kaMap.createDrawingCanvas().

myDrawToolsCanvas = myKaMap.createDrawingCanvas();
    jg = new jsGraphics("myDrawToolsCanvas");

Then, as I click on my map  I basically do something like 

x_coords.push(e.clientX - parseInt(myKaMap.theInsideLayer.style.left))
y_coords.push(e.clientY - parseInt(myKaMap.theInsideLayer.style.Top))
jg.drawPolygon(this.x_coords, this.y_coords);

What can I do to avoid the slight offset that I'm seeing?

I saw someone had a similar issue 


but there was no follow - up re: the 2nd point .



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