[ka-Map-users] Calling ka-map backend from a remote website throws security exception

Christian Sengstock csengstock at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 08:30:25 EDT 2006

Hi all,
i want to call ka-map from a server which is *not* the ka-map backend
apache server (a tomcat servlet engine). What i did:

1) In my tomcat html page i referenced to the javascript files on the
ka-map backend with full url.
2) I changed line 176 in kaMap.js (this.server =
http://my-ka-map-backend) to point on my ka-map backend.

I got an security exception because of an XMLHttpRequest calling a
remote url (with firefox)

"Error: uncaught exception: Permission to call method
XMLHttpRequest.open was denied"
Orig: "Fehler: uncaught exception: Die Erlaubnis für den Aufruf der
Methode XMLHttpRequest.open wurde verweigert"

Anyone knows a solution or workaround for this? Like it's working with
google maps!?

Thanx a lot,

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