[ka-Map-users] re: total newbie question

Clint Cabanero clint at scwildlands.org
Fri Sep 22 12:13:40 EDT 2006

Hello everyone,
I am just getting started with MapServer and exploring all of the
related user interface tools available (e.g. ka-Map, Chameleon, etc.).
My question is:
If ka-Map is a JavaScript API, then I believe that I will be able to use
it regardless if I choose to develop with Python MapScript or C#
MapScript.  Is this true?  I am simply looking for some user interface
tools for my MapServer development scenario. 
I am interested mostly in using C# MapScript.  Yesterday, I learned that
I could not use Chameleon because it would require PHP MapScript.  Thus,
is ka-Map a good alternative for me?  If not, could you recommend some
other user interface technologies for me?  
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