[ka-Map-users] color rasters

Jeff Cavner jcavner at edac.unm.edu
Fri Sep 22 15:48:21 EDT 2006

We are having trouble getting color doqq's to show up in color in Kamap. We
are using  mapserver 4.6x. The mapfile is a WMS client to a WMS service.
Our other WMS client layers work fine but are not color.  We use png24 as
Imagetype but this causes our vector tiles to be black.  Our output format



                        NAME png24

                        DRIVER "GD/PNG"

                        MIMETYPE "image/png"

                        IMAGEMODE RGBA

                        EXTENSION "png"

                        FORMATOPTION "INTERLACE=OFF"



Any ideas?





Jeff Cavner

GIS Analyst

Earth Data Analysis Center

University of New Mexico

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