[ka-Map-users] Kamap and pgrouting and geoserver

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Tue Apr 3 17:47:28 EDT 2007

Hi Lavanya,

>   Im currently using postgres 8.1 and established the pgrouting as 
> given in
>   http://www.postlbs.org/postlbs-cms/en/node/21
> i need to know how can the result( tables) be shown visually on the map?
>   Read tat kamap supports it... i jus wanted to confirm with u users. 
> since im totally new to kamap...i feel im totally lost..

I'm sorry to say that kaRouting installation is not easy and has to be 
done by somebody with good experience with PostGIS, pgRouting, ka-Map, 
and with a good amount of luck too

this is the live example:

here the difficult installation process:

>   And is tat kamap be integrated with geoserver..since im currently 
> using geoserver 1.4 to display my data..

AFAIK, there's nobody trying to port ka-Map on geoserver. ka-Map has 
been developed on php/mapscript but somebody (Stephen ?!?) ported it 
succesfully to perl.
it would be possible a port on geoserver but anyway not that easy.

>   Sorry for simple question, well i didnt find straight forward 
> solution to my problem, thought tat as users might have been 
> experienced in working with it
>   Thank you
>   Regards
>   Lavanya

you're welcome

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