[ka-Map-users] how to calculate the extent in map file????

Maher Karim Maher_Karim at dorsch.com.jo
Mon Apr 9 01:32:53 EDT 2007

Dear Shar,
You can add your data (shapefiles) to your GIS software and draw simply a
box around your data, and from the graphic box properties you can get the
lower left coords, and the upper right coords.
You can simply add these coords to your extent settings in the mapfile.
with the following order minx miny maxx maxy.

You can find attached a sample map file which will work for Jordan. you may
need to adjust the extent slightly as needed.
(See attached file: sample_en.map)

Best regards
Maher Abdel Karim
GIS systems analyst /Programmer
Dorsch Water and Environment

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hi all,

I have graduation project to create web map application to my city,

I have prepared my ka-map with ms4w, but I could not create my map file,

I don't have any experience in GIS or MAPS, so I do not know how I can do

Please if any one can help me in bulding (Map File)  for  my city map, I
will be very happy.

I need to know how I can calculate the extent of my map in map file????

you can contact me on
saho_ora at hotmail.com


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