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Henderson, Tim - Miami THenderson at miamiherald.com
Sun Apr 15 09:20:14 EDT 2007

Hello kamap folk,
Anybody have anything to say about maplab for Windows? Documentation sounds promising as an adjunct to ka-map, that you can do a lot of automated manipulation and testing of mapfiles which would be handy while I'm still so green that I keep breaking them every time i try to add something. Yet from what I see on maptools:
A. They advise Windows users not to install it themselves but to use the version in ms4w
B. It's not in ms4w anymore because of security issues in that old version
C. Only the old version should be used in ms4w
D. the old version isn't availble for download anymore because of the security issue.

This adds up to not very good news if I want to try it. Anybody think it's worth finding an old version somewhere just to automate creation of mapfiles? Is there a good alternative? I do know that QGIS will make mapfiles and maybe I'll just stick with that...
Tim Henderson, Miami


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