[ka-Map-users] my map not appear in ka-map 0.2

Humberto Cereser Ibanez humberto at pastoraldacrianca.org.br
Wed Apr 25 08:17:46 EDT 2007

De: "sahar AMM" <saho_ora at hotmail.com>
Data: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 01:17:21 +0300
Para: ka-map-users at lists.maptools.org
Assunto: [ka-Map-users] my map not appear in ka-map 0.2

hi all,

I have a problem in ka-map 0.2,

the interface is working with me, but the map does not appear , only the 
legend and mapkey appear but without the map, I tried to change the scale, 
but there is no result.

Why my map does not appear??


Do you run shp2img -m name.map -o test.jpg?
This could help you to check your mapfile sintax.
If is showed a correct image, check the tiles generated in the $szBaseCacheDir path declarated in config.php

Humberto Cereser Ibanez
Pastoral da Criança
Curitiba - PR - Brazil

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