[ka-Map-users] my map not appear in ka-map 0.2

Ed Cooley ecooley at strategy5.com
Wed Apr 25 13:13:53 EDT 2007

The best way I have found to debug problems with ka-map is with the Firefox
browser.  Maybe this information will help.

First I confirm that php is working.  In a new browser window enter the url
for the location of init.php.  On my servers it is
http://www.mapwebserver.com/ka-map.cvs/htdocs/init.php.  Yours will probably
be a little different but very similar.  It should display php code with
/*init*/ ini the beginning.  If not, either your url is bad or your php is
not working. 

Next I check for php mapscript functionality:

1. I display the map interface.  Right click on the legend (anyplace that is
not a map tile) and select View Page Info.

2. Select the Media Tab and find any of the entries with tile.php in them.

3. right click and select copy to save a shortcut of a single map tile to
the clipboard.

4. open a new browser window and paste the shortcut into the address bar.

5. The goal is for it to display the map tile. If it doesn't you will almost
always get some kind of error message such as mapscript not found, or
project library missing. Once you solve all those errors you should get a
map tile and then your done.

Ed Cooley
Strategy Systems, Inc.
479-271-7400 Fax: 479-271-7401

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hi all,

I have a problem in ka-map 0.2,

the interface is working with me, but the map does not appear , only the 
legend and mapkey appear but without the map, I tried to change the scale, 
but there is no result.

Why my map does not appear??

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