[ka-Map-users] International character support for groupnames

kamap at gismap.ch kamap at gismap.ch
Sun Apr 29 13:14:56 EDT 2007

Hi list

I use Ka-Map to design a prototype. It's in German. I use charset ISO-8859-1. I
face a problem with special german characters used in groupnames. The
consequence is, that the groupname in the legend is shown with a '?' instead of
the special character. Also the layer is not shown in the mapwindow. If I remove
the special characters in group names, everything works just fine. I also
checked CVS, but the problem remains the same.

I found some info in the wiki. The workaround is to define a new metadata entry.
I tried that one too, but this workaround does not work again.

What can I do to solve my problem?

Thanks in advance,

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