[ka-Map-users] Adding a unit

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Tue Aug 28 06:46:37 EDT 2007

Hi Thora,

> thanks a lot for your help. At least the workaround works really fine.
> But I do not understand why it is not enough to change in /ka-map/htdocs/scalebar/scalebar.js
I hope I didn't say this.
I just know that I don't know that much scalebar.js to hack it on the 
fly. As you can see from file headers, Tim Schaub wrote it and not me.
I wrote kaExplorer so it was easier to me to make those changes I've 
suggested you.

> the measurement properties like this:
>     measurementProperties.metric = {
>         units: ['kilometers', 'meters', 'centimeters', 'millimeters','mikrometers'],
>         abbr: ['km', 'm', 'cm','mm','µm'],
>         inches: [39370.07874, 39.370079, 0.393701, 0.0393701, 0.0000393701]
>     };
> is there another place to change the code? 
the place is


> Or have I changed it the wrong way?
if it works, you made it right, otherwise...
> If I have finished my implemetation I would be pleased to send you the URL. I hope to finish it soon. :-)
sorry not to be much useful but I don't have time now to hack scalebar.js


ps: please remember to CC the mailing-list too as others can benefit 
from this conversation.

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