[ka-Map-users] way to version 1.1

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Thu Aug 30 09:06:43 EDT 2007

Lorenzo Becchi wrote:
>> hi Lorenzo,
>> do you think there will be any problems between ka-map and mapserver
>> v. 5 ? (except the expected changes needed in the mapfiles) ?
>> sacha
> Hi Sacha,
> honestly I have no idea about it.
> Daniel, or others in this list, can maybe give us an idea if Mapscript 
> will significantly change in version 5 and if ka-Map will be affected.

MapServer 5.0 has a bunch of mapfile changes and a few deprecated 
members and methods in MapScript. I think ka-Map's use of PHP MapScript 
is fairly simple stuff so there may not be any problem with the scripts, 
mostly with mapfiles.

That being said, I didn't try ka-Map with 5.0 and don't think I'll have 
time anytime soon. Someone should try it with an eye on the migration 
guide and report their success/failures here.

Um... I just thought of one thing: the scale -> scaledenom change may 
have an impact on ka-Map since it probably uses them. The old scale 
members still exist in PHP MapScript but are deprecated so ka-Map should 
switch to use the new scaledenom members when it aims to support 5.0.

Daniel Morissette

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